Fair Use and Yummy Smoothies


Photo by Ken Hawkins via Flickr

Photo by Ken Hawkins via Flickr

In trying to figure out what kind of a picture to post, I came across this amazing smoothie image. You always know when a picture of food is good because it makes you crave whatever is in it. And after looking at this picture, I was ready to whip up a smoothie!

I found this picture on Flickr through the Creative Commons Search Engine. The picture is associated with an attribution restriction. This basically means that I can share the picture, and even edit it to an extent, but I must give appropriate credit to the creator of the image and cite whether I changed the image in any way.

Also, according to the Fair Use Checklist, I can use this image because it is for reasons related to scholarship; basically, it’s okay because this is a school project and not a for-profit enterprise. Related to this point, I can also use this image according to Fair Use because my posting it will have little to no effect on the market for the picture; essentially, my limited audience, which mostly consists of peers in the class, won’t really impact the economic potential of the picture.

Now that I’ve established that I can rightfully use this picture, let’s get to the smoothies! Check out some of my favorite recipes here, here and here!


7 thoughts on “Fair Use and Yummy Smoothies

  1. I really want a smoothie now! And I agree, there’s nothing wrong with you using the photo for educational purposes, plus I think it looks colorful and tasty. Cool recipes too!


  2. Those look awesome wow! I agree that your usage of the photos has little to no effect on the market of the picture and your post is just for fun and informative to others! Good job


  3. this image is making me crave a smoothie more than ever!! awesome post & i love how you included your favorite smoothie recipes, def going to check those out!


  4. That is a very appetizing picture and although the picture has an attribution restriction, I think it is a great idea to source media, especially if it is original artwork. Everyone one should get recognition for their work. Also, thanks for the links to the smoothie recipes. I will have to try some.


  5. This reminds me of the most amazing smoothie I had in Florida over spring break. I am normally not a fan but it was morning and so hot that I ordered it. SOOO good! Wish I could go back and have another!


  6. These smoothies look so good! Reading this post is making me want to take out nutribullet and make a smoothie at 1 in the morning – something the people in my house would probably not appreciate. I love your food theme btw! Every time I read our blogs, I am starving lol


  7. These smoothies look awesome! I make the first one all of the time, I add a couple scoops of choc. protein powder and it tastes just like a banana flip!! I like how you brought the class assignment back to your blog by adding the recipes.


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