Ermahgerd, FOOD.

When I started to look for a meme, I honestly felt that I wouldn’t find one that fit with my blog theme. Food isn’t exactly a topic full of humor (even though I try my best!). But I ended up stumbling across one that I think works perfectly:

ermahgerd meme

I can definitely understand how memes can benefit my blog. Memes seem to bring in the viewers because people become almost kind of attached to them. In some ways, it seems like people enjoying seeing the spread of the meme and how others adapt it to fit any situation. People just gravitate to memes… and I want people to gravitate towards my blog (perfect match, right?).

Besides hopefully tempting new readers with a popular meme, I think that including this meme in my blog perfectly describes my feelings about food, the reason why I decided to write about food in the first place.

Ermahgerd, I love food.

I’m able to writing about food because I’m so obsessed. But, I think this meme could apply to any blog or blogger who feels passionate about a particular topic. I hope that bloggers feel that “ermahgerd” excitement every time they post. I know I feel that way about food!