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You’re a Wizard, Harry.

Let me preface by warning you that this post has nothing to do with food. However, it does have to do with something almost as awesome…

Harry Potter.

Make fun all you want but I grew up obsessing over the books and movies; I believe that reading Harry Potter books is when I first developed a love of reading (and eventually writing).  So, when I found out that I had to use GoAnimate to create a short clip from a movie of my choosing, the choice was easy.

I chose to *attempt* to animate the iconic scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone when Hagrid tells Harry that he’s a wizard. This scene defines the entire series, after all.

Honestly, though I made a good effort, I feel like my animation doesn’t live up to the high expectations that I set for myself. First of all, I personally didn’t enjoy using GoAnimate; I can’t pinpoint exactly why but I never felt comfortable on it even though it took me a very long time to create this really short scene. Also, while this is not the software’s fault, I had trouble finding characters and scenes that fit the look I was going for. Perhaps that’s what you get for using the free account rather than upgrading. Do I think I would use this software again? No, not willingly but it was a good experience!


Second Time’s a Charm

When I heard that we were going to be using WordPress to design blogs for class, I was secretly very excited. I’m not extremely tech savvy and was nervous that we were going to be setting up websites with complex software. However, this was not the case.

Photo From: The Creative Penn

Photo From: The Creative Penn

In a class last year, I created and maintained my own WordPress blog in much the same way as we will in the class. Thus, creating the physical blog was not very challenging for me (though I’m still learning how to navigate some of the features that WordPress offers). I did not encounter any significant problems applying a theme (although I’m disappointed in the lack of choices in free themes) or setting up pages and widgets.

In my experience, the most difficult aspect of setting up this blog was deciding on a topic to blog about for an entire semester. That kind of commitment takes a lot of hard thought and decision making. This process was made harder by the fact that I don’t necessarily have one standout passion or hobby that I know I could talk about expertly for 15 weeks. For instance, I’m not obsessed with a sport, I’m not a photographer and I’m not a musician. However, after a lot of thought I realized that food is something that you don’t need expertise in to blog about; we all enjoy food without a formal background or education because it’s universal. That is how It’s All About the Food came to be!

Photo From: BuzzFeed

Photo From: BuzzFeed