Hip Hop and Food: A Great Combination

Once again, I came into this assignment with a little experience using Audacity from work in a previous class (actually for a blog assignment as well). However, once again, I would consider myself far from an expert in using this program. I actually had a lot of trouble remembering how to cut audio clips from files and complete other basic functions; it’s not like riding a bike. I had to look up answers to some of my questions. However, unlike when I designed the header, I tried to “dive in” and explore Audacity rather than look for a bunch of tutorials and follow their instructions verbatim. It may have taken a bit longer but I feel that I was able to take a different and valuable journey in learning.

The easiest part of creating this commercial was choosing songs to play throughout my voice over. There’s no genre of music dedicated to food, so I had some room for creativity when choosing my songs. I am an avid hip hop fan and I thought that this was a great opportunity to let my personality and interests shine through on this small part of my blog.

The Fat Boys song is reminiscent of more old school hip hop but the lyrics of their intro match the theme of my blog perfectly. The Jay Z instrumental track that plays under my voice has a fantastic beat that pumps up the energy (at least for me).

I am fairly happy with my commercial but I think that, with some more experience, I could create an even better one. First of all, I’m not too comfortable with the way my voice sounds when recorded. I think that if I practiced speaking for recording purposes, I might be able to make a more professional sounding commercial. Overall, I didn’t find this assignment nearly as painful as photo editing. This might because I had much lower expectations for the final result in this case; when I started my header, I had some pretty grand ideas about the final result and, as a novice, I wasn’t quite able to make them come true.