This Was “Pinterest”-ing

After learning that Jing would be easy to use and that this screencasting assignment would be simple, I set my expectations for success very high… and let myself down. It’s not that Jing is hard to use, but I did experience some technical bumps along the way that made me frustrated beyond belief.

Photo From: http://contagioussocial.net/contagious-social-podcast-ep-12-use-pinterest-marketing/

Photo From: Contagious Social

First of all, I chose Pinterest as the subject of my screencast because it is well designed and I spend a lot of time on it. I don’t love any one particular blog but Pinterest is great because its like a bulletin board that houses a collection of blog links and articles.

It took me three tries to create my screencast, two more than I had anticipated. On my first take, Jing decided that it needed to stop working in the middle of the recording and restart. At this point, I was worried that this might happen during every single take (which, luckily, wasn’t the case). On my second take, I realized afterwards that it had cut off the first few seconds of my audio even though I waited to start speaking until after the countdown. After playing with it a bit, I realized that you have to wait a few seconds after the countdown before you start speaking so that the beginning audio doesn’t get cut. The third try was a charm and I’m fairly happy with the result (though I still don’t like my voice).

I think that screencasting could be useful both personally and professionally. My grandparents are always asking me to help them with computer issues from Florida and now I can send them screencasts to help them to solve their problems. Professionally, I think that screencasting can come in handy to create presentations and to provide tutorials for new employees. Also, the creative possibilities that screencasting presents for bloggers seem to be endless!