A Headache of a Header

Let me begin by saying that I have used Photoshop before and have a bit of experience in the world of editing. Though I am by no means an expert, I definitely did not expect that the task of creating a header using photo editing software would be so time consuming. I do not own Photoshop so I attempted to use Pixlr and found the software to be annoying. I tried and failed to get he marquee tool to work for over a half an hour before giving up and moving on to GIMP (which I already have and have tried a few times). Overall, I feel that these free photo editing programs cannot compare to the real deal of Photoshop which I guess is to be expected. However, after takingĀ a lot of time to explore GIMP, I was able, I think, to design a header that I am quite proud of! I had a lot of fun experimenting with different color and image effects. In fact, my header background started as a trio of sprinkled cupcakes and ended up an abstract piece of artwork.

Even though designing this header created a bit of a headache for me, I am certain that this was a useful learning experience. Not only do I appreciate the robustness of Photoshop now more than even, I feel that I am more well-rounded in my knowledge of photo editing software. In everyday life, I can use my new GIMP and Pixlr skills in order to amp up school projects and assignments (and move beyond the feeble set of editing tools that Microsoft Publisher offers). I also think that photo editing skills will be, if not a necessity, a sort of bonus skill to add to and boost my resume for post-graduation job prospects.

But for now, I’m so happy this experience is over!