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INC American Bar and Kitchen is Open, People!

As both a foodie and a proud Rutgers student, I need to talk about this new restaurant on 302 George Street in New Brunswick, INC American Bar and Kitchen.

Ever since Daryl closed, I’ve been passing by that empty spot nearly every day on the bus imagining what new restaurant might open there… and now I have my answer (it’s kind of strange, though, that there didn’t seem to be any grand opening type of celebration).

This opening snuck up on me so I haven’t had time to go and check out the food but I wanted to get the message out there that INC American Bar and Kitchen is open and looks absolutely fantastic!

Using my superb Googling skills, I was able to track down the restaurant’s website. The first feature that I automatically clicked on was the gallery … and I definitely wasn’t disappointed by what I saw there. Everything in the gallery not only looks delicious but aesthetically pleasing.

Is that not absolutely mouthwatering? Those are fish tacos.  Photo From: increstaurant.com

Is that not absolutely mouthwatering? Those are fish tacos.
Photo From: INC American Bar & Kitchen

The next step on my virtual tour was a trip to INC’s menu section. While the wine list looks a little expensive for my budget (though probably reasonable to most other people who are not broke college kids), I was surprised to see that the food prices are not unreasonable at all (lunch meals range from about $8-$18 and dinner meals range from $8-28). While this is most likely not something I can afford to eat every day, I think college kids like me could afford to treat themselves every once in a while at those prices.

Now, the food itself can be described in two words: eclectic but mouthwatering.

Both the lunch and dinner menus feature appetizers, entrees and desserts from all over the world. You can eat tacos, hummus, fried rice, popcorn, burgers, seafood, steaks and pasta all in one trip to INC. Sound overwhelming? Yes. Sound deliciously adventurous? Yes, yes, yes!

Some interest standout menu items include:

  • BBQ Organic Popcorn
  • General Tso’s Cauliflower
  • Short Rib Barbacoa Tacos
  • Country Fried Chicken (served with Truffle Mac & Cheese)
  • S’mores Pie

Now that I’ve made myself drool staring at this menu, I have to go and make a trip down George Street to try this place out… you better do the same!

Has anybody tried INC American Bar and Kitchen? Comment and let us all know!