I Just Want To Be Part of Your Community…

Online, at least.

This sounds totally creepy but I’ll explain, I promise.

To me, blogging is about being a part of something larger than myself. Whenever I post, I go into it knowing that I’m writing an article or sharing a picture that then becomes a small piece in this much larger community of fans and other writers, mostly food lovers like myself.

In fact, if there are pros about the ubiquitous of the internet and social media (and there are pros), one of them has to be that it connects these widespread groups of people across physical spaces, it connects people with common interests but maybe nowhere to showcase or enjoy those interests in their physical environments. The internet, and blogs, create amazing communities of people who are eager to share, comment, collaborate and explore together.

As a blogger, I look to others’ posts for inspiration (and of course give credit accordingly). In the same vein, I rely on the kindness of others to like and share my content for others to enjoy.

I just want to show people great food, but in order to do that, I need all of you to spread the word! If you like something that I post, like it, link it, share it. The only way to create an online community is to create connections and there’s nothing like a simple hyperlink to bring lots of food-related happiness to people all over the world!

Thanks guys!

Photo Credit: Daily Happy Quote