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Drunken Passover Grilled Cheese… WOW.

Okay, so Passover starts this coming Friday and I have mixed feelings about it. Don’t get me wrong, I love Passover. It’s a time when my family and friends all come together and we feast on lots of amazing food like brisket, potatoes and matzo ball soup. But, after the first few days of celebration, Passover gets hard.

I’m not sure how much you guys know about Passover (here’s a history of the holiday) but, for various religious reasons, Jews can’t eat a variety of foods like leavened bread for 8 days. 8 days?! I’m telling you, no matter how delicious matzo is, after a few days, you run out of ways to eat it creatively.

But now I’ve found this magical recipe… Drunken Passover Grilled Cheese (insert amazed sigh here).

Photo From: Doves and Figs

Photo From: Doves and Figs

Originally published on Doves and Figs, this recipe boasts a simple but creative way to enjoy matzo (and a little wine too). This recipe is also awesome because it is so easy to make and involves only a handful of easy to find ingredients. What could be better?


  • 2 pieces of egg matzo
  • cheddar cheese
  • Manischewitz
  • Butter (for frying)


  • Basically, this works like a regular grilled cheese sandwich with one exception: soak the matzo in the wine (just until wet but not soggy) before you sandwich the cheese between the matzo and fry it. Easy!

Full instructions and more information can be found here.

So my Jewish (and non-Jewish friends): I hope you can get into the Passover spirit with this nifty little recipe!


Ermahgerd, FOOD.

When I started to look for a meme, I honestly felt that I wouldn’t find one that fit with my blog theme. Food isn’t exactly a topic full of humor (even though I try my best!). But I ended up stumbling across one that I think works perfectly:

ermahgerd meme

I can definitely understand how memes can benefit my blog. Memes seem to bring in the viewers because people become almost kind of attached to them. In some ways, it seems like people enjoying seeing the spread of the meme and how others adapt it to fit any situation. People just gravitate to memes… and I want people to gravitate towards my blog (perfect match, right?).

Besides hopefully tempting new readers with a popular meme, I think that including this meme in my blog perfectly describes my feelings about food, the reason why I decided to write about food in the first place.

Ermahgerd, I love food.

I’m able to writing about food because I’m so obsessed. But, I think this meme could apply to any blog or blogger who feels passionate about a particular topic. I hope that bloggers feel that “ermahgerd” excitement every time they post. I know I feel that way about food!


I Need Some Help from Facebook…

Photo From: http://ankitrawat.com/exporting-a-facebook-profile-to-other-social-networking-sites

Photo From: Ankit Rawat

Hi loyal readers! First, let me say how much I truly appreciate every one of you who takes the time to read my posts and scroll through the pictures here. As you probably know, a blog is really nothing without followers and readers; you guys make this fun and interactive!

Keeping this in mind, I’d like to ask you all a huge favor… could you all help to spread the word about I’m Only Here for the Food with me?

I think that, using Facebook, you wonderful people could really help to connect this blog to more wonderful people looking for a fun and interesting blog about food!

I’m so grateful that you are (hopefully) visiting this blog because you’re interested and you like the subject matter (food, duh). So, if you guys like my blog, there’s a good chance that your friends and networks on Facebook might have similar interests. I’d be eternally grateful if you could share my content on Facebook so that awesome people similar to you could get a chance to explore the blog.

Also, including hashtags in your posts on Facebook about I’m Only Here for the Food could help to spread the word quickly to a lot of people. By using certain popular hashtags in your posts, eager potential readers searching for #food, #foodporn, and #yum might have the opportunity to stumble upon my blog!

I have a tiny network but a lot to say so I think that my blog could benefit from a little networking on Facebook. Food is universal, Facebook is universal and (hopefully), I’m Only Here for the Food will be universal too one day!

Thank you!!!


Hamantaschen: Snow Day Purim Treats

So, today is Purim people and that means only one thing for foodies… hamantaschen!


If you’re not Jewish, you probably are.

Purim is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the saving of the Jewish people in ancient Persia from annihilation. You can find a more complete history of Purim here.

Hamantaschen are amazingly delicious, triangular cookies filled with all different types of fillings. Favorite traditional fillings are prune, raspberry, and apricot jams but, really, the filling possibilities are endlessunbaked


Here in New Jersey, it’s a snowy snowy Purim so my mom and I decided it was like fate telling us to make some hamantaschen. We keep it pretty traditional as far as fillings: raspberry, apricot, chocolate (a more modern twist) and our own raspberry-chocolate hybrid.

But here’s the catch… we make the best hamantaschen.


A secret ingredient that we’ll never reveal 😉 (well maybe if you ask nicely!)

Enjoy your Purim everyone!

Are you guys making anything interesting today?

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INC American Bar and Kitchen is Open, People!

As both a foodie and a proud Rutgers student, I need to talk about this new restaurant on 302 George Street in New Brunswick, INC American Bar and Kitchen.

Ever since Daryl closed, I’ve been passing by that empty spot nearly every day on the bus imagining what new restaurant might open there… and now I have my answer (it’s kind of strange, though, that there didn’t seem to be any grand opening type of celebration).

This opening snuck up on me so I haven’t had time to go and check out the food but I wanted to get the message out there that INC American Bar and Kitchen is open and looks absolutely fantastic!

Using my superb Googling skills, I was able to track down the restaurant’s website. The first feature that I automatically clicked on was the gallery … and I definitely wasn’t disappointed by what I saw there. Everything in the gallery not only looks delicious but aesthetically pleasing.

Is that not absolutely mouthwatering? Those are fish tacos.  Photo From: increstaurant.com

Is that not absolutely mouthwatering? Those are fish tacos.
Photo From: INC American Bar & Kitchen

The next step on my virtual tour was a trip to INC’s menu section. While the wine list looks a little expensive for my budget (though probably reasonable to most other people who are not broke college kids), I was surprised to see that the food prices are not unreasonable at all (lunch meals range from about $8-$18 and dinner meals range from $8-28). While this is most likely not something I can afford to eat every day, I think college kids like me could afford to treat themselves every once in a while at those prices.

Now, the food itself can be described in two words: eclectic but mouthwatering.

Both the lunch and dinner menus feature appetizers, entrees and desserts from all over the world. You can eat tacos, hummus, fried rice, popcorn, burgers, seafood, steaks and pasta all in one trip to INC. Sound overwhelming? Yes. Sound deliciously adventurous? Yes, yes, yes!

Some interest standout menu items include:

  • BBQ Organic Popcorn
  • General Tso’s Cauliflower
  • Short Rib Barbacoa Tacos
  • Country Fried Chicken (served with Truffle Mac & Cheese)
  • S’mores Pie

Now that I’ve made myself drool staring at this menu, I have to go and make a trip down George Street to try this place out… you better do the same!

Has anybody tried INC American Bar and Kitchen? Comment and let us all know!