I think that the title of this blog sums things up nicely: I’m only here for the food. We’re all only here on this planet for the food really, am I right? Food is part of our culture and our identities … and its just so delicious! This blog is dedicated to appreciating food in all of its wonderful and life affirming glory. I’ll post recipes, restaurant reviews, news and other food-related content that I’m sure will leave us all hungry!

The header was borrowed and remixed images from Martin Kenny (Flickr) and John Lodder (Flickr).

2 thoughts on “About

  1. I also am a big fan of food, but i don’t really know much about making it. So i love the idea of having a blog based completely around food. Setting up your blog and relating it to the article we read, i think you followed his tip on foundation very well. I like how you went with a simple and clean foundation that is easy to use. But when i first came onto your blog, if i didn’t read the title, i might not have known what it was about. In my personal opinion, i would have gone with a different header. I like the one you used, but i think it might be a little bit better if the header was a picture of some enticing food. But overall, i cannot wait to see what your posts will be.-Scott Neaves


  2. I really like the concept behind your blog! I’m looking forward to seeing your posts about different foods. The article discussed how the foundation of a blog is very important and I really think you have a solid foundation that is simple and neat. One thing I would add is maybe a header photo. Other than that your blog seems so fun and I’m excited to see what you post! Great job.


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