I Need Some Help from Facebook…

Photo From: http://ankitrawat.com/exporting-a-facebook-profile-to-other-social-networking-sites

Photo From: Ankit Rawat

Hi loyal readers! First, let me say how much I truly appreciate every one of you who takes the time to read my posts and scroll through the pictures here. As you probably know, a blog is really nothing without followers and readers; you guys make this fun and interactive!

Keeping this in mind, I’d like to ask you all a huge favor… could you all help to spread the word about I’m Only Here for the Food with me?

I think that, using Facebook, you wonderful people could really help to connect this blog to more wonderful people looking for a fun and interesting blog about food!

I’m so grateful that you are (hopefully) visiting this blog because you’re interested and you like the subject matter (food, duh). So, if you guys like my blog, there’s a good chance that your friends and networks on Facebook might have similar interests. I’d be eternally grateful if you could share my content on Facebook so that awesome people similar to you could get a chance to explore the blog.

Also, including hashtags in your posts on Facebook about I’m Only Here for the Food could help to spread the word quickly to a lot of people. By using certain popular hashtags in your posts, eager potential readers searching for #food, #foodporn, and #yum might have the opportunity to stumble upon my blog!

I have a tiny network but a lot to say so I think that my blog could benefit from a little networking on Facebook. Food is universal, Facebook is universal and (hopefully), I’m Only Here for the Food will be universal too one day!

Thank you!!!


Hamantaschen: Snow Day Purim Treats

So, today is Purim people and that means only one thing for foodies… hamantaschen!


If you’re not Jewish, you probably are.

Purim is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the saving of the Jewish people in ancient Persia from annihilation. You can find a more complete history of Purim here.

Hamantaschen are amazingly delicious, triangular cookies filled with all different types of fillings. Favorite traditional fillings are prune, raspberry, and apricot jams but, really, the filling possibilities are endlessunbaked


Here in New Jersey, it’s a snowy snowy Purim so my mom and I decided it was like fate telling us to make some hamantaschen. We keep it pretty traditional as far as fillings: raspberry, apricot, chocolate (a more modern twist) and our own raspberry-chocolate hybrid.

But here’s the catch… we make the best hamantaschen.


A secret ingredient that we’ll never reveal 😉 (well maybe if you ask nicely!)

Enjoy your Purim everyone!

Are you guys making anything interesting today?

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INC American Bar and Kitchen is Open, People!

As both a foodie and a proud Rutgers student, I need to talk about this new restaurant on 302 George Street in New Brunswick, INC American Bar and Kitchen.

Ever since Daryl closed, I’ve been passing by that empty spot nearly every day on the bus imagining what new restaurant might open there… and now I have my answer (it’s kind of strange, though, that there didn’t seem to be any grand opening type of celebration).

This opening snuck up on me so I haven’t had time to go and check out the food but I wanted to get the message out there that INC American Bar and Kitchen is open and looks absolutely fantastic!

Using my superb Googling skills, I was able to track down the restaurant’s website. The first feature that I automatically clicked on was the gallery … and I definitely wasn’t disappointed by what I saw there. Everything in the gallery not only looks delicious but aesthetically pleasing.

Is that not absolutely mouthwatering? Those are fish tacos.  Photo From: increstaurant.com

Is that not absolutely mouthwatering? Those are fish tacos.
Photo From: INC American Bar & Kitchen

The next step on my virtual tour was a trip to INC’s menu section. While the wine list looks a little expensive for my budget (though probably reasonable to most other people who are not broke college kids), I was surprised to see that the food prices are not unreasonable at all (lunch meals range from about $8-$18 and dinner meals range from $8-28). While this is most likely not something I can afford to eat every day, I think college kids like me could afford to treat themselves every once in a while at those prices.

Now, the food itself can be described in two words: eclectic but mouthwatering.

Both the lunch and dinner menus feature appetizers, entrees and desserts from all over the world. You can eat tacos, hummus, fried rice, popcorn, burgers, seafood, steaks and pasta all in one trip to INC. Sound overwhelming? Yes. Sound deliciously adventurous? Yes, yes, yes!

Some interest standout menu items include:

  • BBQ Organic Popcorn
  • General Tso’s Cauliflower
  • Short Rib Barbacoa Tacos
  • Country Fried Chicken (served with Truffle Mac & Cheese)
  • S’mores Pie

Now that I’ve made myself drool staring at this menu, I have to go and make a trip down George Street to try this place out… you better do the same!

Has anybody tried INC American Bar and Kitchen? Comment and let us all know!


This Was “Pinterest”-ing

After learning that Jing would be easy to use and that this screencasting assignment would be simple, I set my expectations for success very high… and let myself down. It’s not that Jing is hard to use, but I did experience some technical bumps along the way that made me frustrated beyond belief.

Photo From: http://contagioussocial.net/contagious-social-podcast-ep-12-use-pinterest-marketing/

Photo From: Contagious Social

First of all, I chose Pinterest as the subject of my screencast because it is well designed and I spend a lot of time on it. I don’t love any one particular blog but Pinterest is great because its like a bulletin board that houses a collection of blog links and articles.

It took me three tries to create my screencast, two more than I had anticipated. On my first take, Jing decided that it needed to stop working in the middle of the recording and restart. At this point, I was worried that this might happen during every single take (which, luckily, wasn’t the case). On my second take, I realized afterwards that it had cut off the first few seconds of my audio even though I waited to start speaking until after the countdown. After playing with it a bit, I realized that you have to wait a few seconds after the countdown before you start speaking so that the beginning audio doesn’t get cut. The third try was a charm and I’m fairly happy with the result (though I still don’t like my voice).

I think that screencasting could be useful both personally and professionally. My grandparents are always asking me to help them with computer issues from Florida and now I can send them screencasts to help them to solve their problems. Professionally, I think that screencasting can come in handy to create presentations and to provide tutorials for new employees. Also, the creative possibilities that screencasting presents for bloggers seem to be endless!


Hip Hop and Food: A Great Combination

Once again, I came into this assignment with a little experience using Audacity from work in a previous class (actually for a blog assignment as well). However, once again, I would consider myself far from an expert in using this program. I actually had a lot of trouble remembering how to cut audio clips from files and complete other basic functions; it’s not like riding a bike. I had to look up answers to some of my questions. However, unlike when I designed the header, I tried to “dive in” and explore Audacity rather than look for a bunch of tutorials and follow their instructions verbatim. It may have taken a bit longer but I feel that I was able to take a different and valuable journey in learning.

The easiest part of creating this commercial was choosing songs to play throughout my voice over. There’s no genre of music dedicated to food, so I had some room for creativity when choosing my songs. I am an avid hip hop fan and I thought that this was a great opportunity to let my personality and interests shine through on this small part of my blog.

The Fat Boys song is reminiscent of more old school hip hop but the lyrics of their intro match the theme of my blog perfectly. The Jay Z instrumental track that plays under my voice has a fantastic beat that pumps up the energy (at least for me).

I am fairly happy with my commercial but I think that, with some more experience, I could create an even better one. First of all, I’m not too comfortable with the way my voice sounds when recorded. I think that if I practiced speaking for recording purposes, I might be able to make a more professional sounding commercial. Overall, I didn’t find this assignment nearly as painful as photo editing. This might because I had much lower expectations for the final result in this case; when I started my header, I had some pretty grand ideas about the final result and, as a novice, I wasn’t quite able to make them come true.


A Headache of a Header

Let me begin by saying that I have used Photoshop before and have a bit of experience in the world of editing. Though I am by no means an expert, I definitely did not expect that the task of creating a header using photo editing software would be so time consuming. I do not own Photoshop so I attempted to use Pixlr and found the software to be annoying. I tried and failed to get he marquee tool to work for over a half an hour before giving up and moving on to GIMP (which I already have and have tried a few times). Overall, I feel that these free photo editing programs cannot compare to the real deal of Photoshop which I guess is to be expected. However, after taking a lot of time to explore GIMP, I was able, I think, to design a header that I am quite proud of! I had a lot of fun experimenting with different color and image effects. In fact, my header background started as a trio of sprinkled cupcakes and ended up an abstract piece of artwork.

Even though designing this header created a bit of a headache for me, I am certain that this was a useful learning experience. Not only do I appreciate the robustness of Photoshop now more than even, I feel that I am more well-rounded in my knowledge of photo editing software. In everyday life, I can use my new GIMP and Pixlr skills in order to amp up school projects and assignments (and move beyond the feeble set of editing tools that Microsoft Publisher offers). I also think that photo editing skills will be, if not a necessity, a sort of bonus skill to add to and boost my resume for post-graduation job prospects.

But for now, I’m so happy this experience is over!