I Need Some Help from Facebook…


Photo From: http://ankitrawat.com/exporting-a-facebook-profile-to-other-social-networking-sites

Photo From: Ankit Rawat

Hi loyal readers! First, let me say how much I truly appreciate every one of you who takes the time to read my posts and scroll through the pictures here. As you probably know, a blog is really nothing without followers and readers; you guys make this fun and interactive!

Keeping this in mind, I’d like to ask you all a huge favor… could you all help to spread the word about I’m Only Here for the Food with me?

I think that, using Facebook, you wonderful people could really help to connect this blog to more wonderful people looking for a fun and interesting blog about food!

I’m so grateful that you are (hopefully) visiting this blog because you’re interested and you like the subject matter (food, duh). So, if you guys like my blog, there’s a good chance that your friends and networks on Facebook might have similar interests. I’d be eternally grateful if you could share my content on Facebook so that awesome people similar to you could get a chance to explore the blog.

Also, including hashtags in your posts on Facebook about I’m Only Here for the Food could help to spread the word quickly to a lot of people. By using certain popular hashtags in your posts, eager potential readers searching for #food, #foodporn, and #yum might have the opportunity to stumble upon my blog!

I have a tiny network but a lot to say so I think that my blog could benefit from a little networking on Facebook. Food is universal, Facebook is universal and (hopefully), I’m Only Here for the Food will be universal too one day!

Thank you!!!


5 thoughts on “I Need Some Help from Facebook…

  1. I never thought that facebook would be a great social media tool to help get your blog across until i read your post. I completely agree with the concept of you sharing your blog on facebook because the people you are friends with, most likely share the same interests. Awesome post!


  2. You did a really good job at appealing to your audience in your post and selling the idea of helping to promote your blog to your readers! Good job! I also liked the way you explained how our interests inherently intertwine with our individual networks.


  3. Good job with the hashtag idea, I may have to use it. Also, you could reach out to local restaurants that you like. They probably wouldn’t mind the advertising boost and you can have them spread the word about your blog. A real win-win.


  4. I think hashtags are so important lately and using them on social media to help each other’s blog viewership is a great idea. These tags help others who may be searching the topic stumble upon our blogs and follow them because our posts align with their interests. I think using hashtags to promote your blog on Facebook would help your network grow by a lot!


  5. I think that Facebook is a great social media site to promote your blog with. Unfortunately, many people our age are slowly “resigning” from Facebook and turning to newer and simpler social media sites such as Instagram or Twitter. So you may want to also keep other social media in mind.


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