This Was “Pinterest”-ing


After learning that Jing would be easy to use and that this screencasting assignment would be simple, I set my expectations for success very high… and let myself down. It’s not that Jing is hard to use, but I did experience some technical bumps along the way that made me frustrated beyond belief.

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First of all, I chose Pinterest as the subject of my screencast because it is well designed and I spend a lot of time on it. I don’t love any one particular blog but Pinterest is great because its like a bulletin board that houses a collection of blog links and articles.

It took me three tries to create my screencast, two more than I had anticipated. On my first take, Jing decided that it needed to stop working in the middle of the recording and restart. At this point, I was worried that this might happen during every single take (which, luckily, wasn’t the case). On my second take, I realized afterwards that it had cut off the first few seconds of my audio even though I waited to start speaking until after the countdown. After playing with it a bit, I realized that you have to wait a few seconds after the countdown before you start speaking so that the beginning audio doesn’t get cut. The third try was a charm and I’m fairly happy with the result (though I still don’t like my voice).

I think that screencasting could be useful both personally and professionally. My grandparents are always asking me to help them with computer issues from Florida and now I can send them screencasts to help them to solve their problems. Professionally, I think that screencasting can come in handy to create presentations and to provide tutorials for new employees. Also, the creative possibilities that screencasting presents for bloggers seem to be endless!


7 thoughts on “This Was “Pinterest”-ing

  1. This was such a great screencast! You were very clear and it was easy to follow. I also liked how it relates to your blog.


  2. I liked your screencast a lot. I haven’t been on pinterest before, so it was nice seeing how easy it is to use. I especially liked how you went into detail and it seemed very conversational.


  3. I think you explained how Pinterest works really well! I go on Pinterest once in awhile to look for different, fun food recipes but I never really fully understood how it worked. Your screencast was really helpful! Also, I loved looking at all the different macaroni and cheese, haha.

    PS I love your idea to help your grandparents with their computer problems by using screencast. My grandparents are always calling my brother and me with questions and I’m totally going to start using this to help them!


  4. I thought you did a really great job with your screencast! You sounded familiar with the website so it flowed nicely, and who doesn’t love Pinterest?! It took me a minute to figure out where you embedded the link, haha but that is probably just my own fault. Nice job!


  5. I really like your blog! You seem to have no problem with inserting links into your blog in order to make it look nice. I like that you mention how Pinterest is clean and easy to use. That is the main thing for blogs. I actually never used Pinterest for food before, so I will definitely check up on that, since my blog is also about food. Great job on your screencast! You talked with confidence too which was really good. Again good job! 🙂


  6. I did mine on Pinterest as well! I absolutely love that website and I spend way too much time on it. You’re video screen shot came out great, and I love the idea of using this in the future when trying to help someone with something that you cannot simply describe over the phone.


  7. Great job on your screencast!! Everything was well planned out and it was informative. I only use Pinterest for DIY arts and crafts but after watching your video, I will definitely check out the recipes/food section!


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