A Headache of a Header


Let me begin by saying that I have used Photoshop before and have a bit of experience in the world of editing. Though I am by no means an expert, I definitely did not expect that the task of creating a header using photo editing software would be so time consuming. I do not own Photoshop so I attempted to use Pixlr and found the software to be annoying. I tried and failed to get he marquee tool to work for over a half an hour before giving up and moving on to GIMP (which I already have and have tried a few times). Overall, I feel that these free photo editing programs cannot compare to the real deal of Photoshop which I guess is to be expected. However, after taking a lot of time to explore GIMP, I was able, I think, to design a header that I am quite proud of! I had a lot of fun experimenting with different color and image effects. In fact, my header background started as a trio of sprinkled cupcakes and ended up an abstract piece of artwork.

Even though designing this header created a bit of a headache for me, I am certain that this was a useful learning experience. Not only do I appreciate the robustness of Photoshop now more than even, I feel that I am more well-rounded in my knowledge of photo editing software. In everyday life, I can use my new GIMP and Pixlr skills in order to amp up school projects and assignments (and move beyond the feeble set of editing tools that Microsoft Publisher offers). I also think that photo editing skills will be, if not a necessity, a sort of bonus skill to add to and boost my resume for post-graduation job prospects.

But for now, I’m so happy this experience is over!


13 thoughts on “A Headache of a Header

  1. Your header looks legit! I could tell that you’ve had previous experience with editing because of the different elements of your header. I like how the background is colorful and blurred out while the spoon is in focus. The colorfulness actually reminded me of sprinkles (even before I read your post about it being sprinkled cupcakes). All in all I think you did a great job with your header as it really fits the theme of your blog.


  2. I agree that photo editing is very time consuming and can be difficult to use when you start out; however, it is a great tool to know as there are many uses for it. I do have a couple of suggestions to improve the banner, which you don’t have to take. If you do plan to take my advice and aren’t sure what direction to take, I gave examples with my criticism as a starting point. The banner can give a sneak peek of what to expect from the blog, as it is the first thing viewers would see to get an idea of the blog. For example, it can include the ingredients of a dish and the final product to show you’ll post recipes or pictures of various dish from a specific culture if the blog’s focus is like Italian food. Another idea was just expressing the main topic – food – picture of a buffet, a collage of dishes – anything relevant to the blog’s topic. I also think something contemporary would be nice, and it can be very simple in design. I do acknowledge that it is frustrating to make a banner with the tools you have and it is a lot of work; I’m not ignoring the effort you put in, nor do I mean for my critiques to appear offensive.


  3. I HERE YA! at first, this assignment was something I def. was not happy about. I watched the video all the way through and was like “WHY IS THIS SO TEDIOUS,” even though it was only less than 15 minutes. I never used photoshop so I was even more in the dark than you were. But, like you, I am also actually really happy with how my header came out. I really like yours too! it’s definitely unique and I love that. thank God, it’s all over though.


  4. Your header looks great! I had some problems with making my header and I can agree that this was a useful learning experience !


  5. I love this header! I think it’s really creative and I found it so interesting that you started with cupcakes as the background! It really is crazy how much you can edit a photo to look so different than the original. Your header really is a good representation of your blog and what its about! Good job!


  6. The final product came out really well! It looks awesome, despite the headache it gave you. I had a hard time using it as well.


  7. Hello, I just wanted to say that I think that your headers is very unique. I definitely believe that it should be something that you should be proud of. I really like it and cannot wait to see more from this blog. Have a good one!


  8. I like your heading a lot. I personally am not that good with photo shop because I never really found a need to use it. I admire the work you did with it and am impressed with the result. I also totally agree with you that this will definitely help you with your future endeavors.


  9. Your header is really cool! I spent a lot of time trying to explore and figure out Gimp also, but I still don’t think I could figure out how to make the header like you did. I completely agree with the title of your blog post also because it took me forever to figure out. I’m happy I know the basics now, though!


  10. Hey! I really like your header. It looks very well done and I think you did a great job contrasting the fork to the background of many colors. People can tell right away that this is probably a food blog just based on your header picture. I also like how you included a title to your header that presents the name of your blog. Great job!


  11. I can absolutely empathize with you about trying to use certain tools on these photo editing software. Not knowing the exact function of tools such as the marquee tool, the crop tool or the lasso tool can be very frustrating in the photo editing process. Good news is now it’s over and your header has definitely improved in my opinion! I like the multicolored background, the choice of font and also what you did with the contrast/brightness effects! Well done!


  12. I love the header, it has a 90’s vibe to it. I’m not sure if that’s what you are going for but I like it. It definitely make the statement for your blog.


  13. Hey ! I love how your creativity peaked even with the amount of frustration. Photo editing can really be a headache but I love how your end product came out. I tried to use both photoshop and GIMP in my header, so I can relate. Overall excellent job with creating something so abstract behind the fork, it helps bring out the site and coincide with the creativity of food.


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